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Bud the storytellerAbout Bud       

Bud first came across “performing” in front of an audience when he was a freshman in High School.  He liked it and continued on through High School, involved in as many different areas of theater and public speaking as possible.  He then attended Chicago Institute of Arts, in their theater arts program.  His first radio experience came after he was drafted into the Army and was serving in the Panama Canal Zone.

Upon being discharged from the service he got involved in a couple of Summer Stock operations, while working at several radio stations to put bread on the table.  After several years he got married and soon children came along.  He needed more bread than just a bit of bread on the table so he was forced to consider  real work. 

After much soul searching he decided a career in sales might offer him the best opportunity to support his family.  During his career in sales he represented two major national firms.  Both firms had excellent products and offered very good support, in each case he was assigned a territory which was not very productive.  Within a very short period of time, he managed to elevate sales to where his territory was in the top tier of territories.  In a matter of a year or so he took each territory into the top five territories' in the nation.

How did he do this?  Obviously he had to work hard, but he soon discovered that his ability to tell applicable stories about each product lead to his success.  This was his awakening into the power of storytelling.  Other representatives work just as hard as he had. The majority of them had established territories and most of them had territories where the sales volume was growing, but none of them were able to match the volume increases that Bud’s territory was accomplishing.  He was telling relevant stories that were very believable and in all cases were proved to be true.

Upon his retirement from sales, he had many options: one being that he could sit at home watching the TV, mow his lawn more often or as he finally determined, he could put his storytelling ability to use by working with the young children in the various elementary schools. 

The Children won out, much to his delight as well as theirs. 


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