Bud Storyteller


Bud offers a number of school programs for elementary students and teachers. A typical performance will last about 45 to 50 minutes. He has many stories he can tell, depending on the grades for which he is performing.. He has specific stories designed for each of the grades.

In addition to the stories he tells, there is usually an appearance of Robbie the Racoon. There is always an appearance of the Dancing Hanky who on certain occasions does not behave as he should. If he misbehaves we usually let the class decide on any discipline that might be needed.

In addition to the stories Bud tells he will always perform various magic tricks or  as he tells the children illusions is what they will see.  The children always enjoy seeing the Magic Coloring Book that initially does not have any pictures in it.  Then with their help pictures will appear and finally they will all be filled with color.  Each appearance will end with a Magic Book that will fly through the air.

As mentioned the performances will typically be less than an hour in length.  Often a question and answer period will follow the his performance.  All aspects of the performance will be decided prior to his appearance.


All of Bud’s stories will be age appropriate for each performance.


For further information or to set up program details, contact:

email: Bud@budstoryteller.com
telephone: 269-651-6300

PO Box 223
Sturgis, MI 49091