Bud Storyteller

How Storytelling Can Help Your Students

We have heard tell of some of the higher ups in education, state that there is no time for Storytelling. You need to spend your time teaching them math and science, reading and social studies. You have to prepare them for THE TEST. We don’t have time for them to just have fun
  • Encourage their further involvement
  • Can enhance their thinking, their imagination
  • Can modify their behavior
  • Motivates - Inspires - Reassures
  • Discover reading can be more than just another assignment
  • Being involved in Storytelling can help in their oral expression
  • It can be can generate interactive and cooperative learning
  • Provides power to “Once upon a time


Storytelling is an excellent teaching strategy, the stories can ignite the students interest and help them create vivid mental images as well as activate their thinking process. Stories can also help students to better understand and later recall information they hear and read. Stories provide depth to a concept going beyond the fact, definition or an outline of textbook material.

Bud is a storyteller, not a reader. Reading often allows the book to come between the reader and the student. Storytelling allows them to better participate in the story.


Storytelling is fun and fun does not exclude learning,
in fact it enhances it.

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